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oh my god you're all so beautiful and/or handsome

im bi and i have a girlnamed Beth and she is my life. pls respect that bc i get rlly triggered if ppl dont...

sometimes i say some stupid things so dont worry if i do ill probably realise i did that and apologize. call me cinna or carol. my profile pic is of Lana Del Rey. btw i'm not rlly a master i just post too much so it automatically gives me this rank.

soon magnolia will be born (my mothers baby) and shes gonna be beautiful, so just you wait. just you wait...

slowly trying to earn everyones friendship, but i can see im doing a bad job if you're frowning at this.

I'm not gonna make a friends list bc everyone here is incredibly special to me and it wouldn't be fair to make one. if you've ever brought me down you stand out to me even more, because you helped me improved myself. i cannot thank you enough. and thnx thnx thnx to my friends and the people whove stuck with me ever since 'cindie' ---shivers down spine--- i was mega cringey back then

lol i still am

shoutout to aubree she understands me and she knows hamilton and you're amazing. plg<33


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