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Club Penguin Rewrote

Club Penguin Rewrote was the most accurate recreation of Club Penguin ever made, however it was closed due to being very inactive.



The most advanced, secure & fastest cpps maker ever made. CPPSCreator has existed for 4-5 years and still continues to improve.

Online - Visit


A project handed down from the DSGHQ. OldCP has existed for around 5 years and is the first recreation of Club Penguin in 2007.

Online - Visit


SnailsChat is also a project handed down from the DSGHQ. It was a virtual world based around snails. SnailsChat may return.


About RCHQ

RCHQ was created in 2016 as an inspiration of the DSGHQ.
The community slowly began to grow and now consists of a large community consisting of children and teenagers.
If you are new to RCHQ, we hope you enjoy your stay. Make sure to sign up to the forum & join our discord for the latest updates and information.

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