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lord have mercy

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It's probably about the head of the army in their operations, in which they talk about their service, activities, and all sorts of what they do in the army.

General Info

About (For Real)

Imperial Knight on OldCP, circa 2016

War Knight on OldCP, circa 2018

Jeff's playercard

"The acquisition of a position takes an intermission, but if thou acquire a vision of emission and commission, then one shall be praised with a mission"


Morale of the quote: Quote was in archaic (medieval language). To get a rank, it takes a while. But if you have the aspects of issuing and controlling, then you might earn the rank.

I am Mr. Sir Jeffrey John Jefferson I. Some call me by the ID number of 93 or 108 depending on what version they knew me from, and most of you fellow users mainly call me by my set penguin username: Jeff.

I joined OldCP in 2014. Roughly around 3-5 years now. Still very active as of now.

I know very much about OldCP's activity, old history, and other things such as the entire old items list. OldCP was going through testing in 2013 and still lives with its old domain oldcp was run by damen who was previously named Tent at the time of development before change. Despite old items I know a lot even from club penguin's history of activity. Most items I wear are of 2005-2008 decent. The items i sometimes wear are non member and sometimes member.

I had two ranks on OldCP so far. I had the rank of Imperial Knight as of June 2016, and my duties lasted until the ranks were reset, and until OldCP was restarted fresh. I have War Knight as of May 2018.

I served as an imperial knight during the oldcp pirate war, and as a war knight in the 3rd infantry division during the Dorval War.

I owned another penguin named Help. Developed around 2014 2015 for helping other users. Help was a bit of a inspiration between fellow oldcp user "OldCPHelper" (aka KingArthurII) and probably help in general. Penguin IDs for Help are 119 and 347.

I owned the VAULT bank account since 2016. I made it for storage of valuables. It was successful and it stored lots of gold from users. However, this account was shot by a soldier on July 2017. Account was revived on March 2018. Penguin ID was 16563.

I made the Executive penguin in 2018. Mainly used for supporting and archiving events and activities on OldCP. Penguin ID is 101970.

I also lead the team Wolf for OldCP's Moderator Competition in 2014 or 2015, just after Cyberwolf got the Moderator Rank

I've had a long history of my activities. Just over 100 minor citations and 75 flashbacks of what i did.

I am a bit too eccentric.

My RCHQ Forums ID is 119.

I have a Twitter made in 2015 by the name of HelpDSGHQ. This usually shows events on OldCP since July 2015 to the present day.

On the DSGHQ Forums, I had the Master rank.

I've been particularly helping others for about 3-4 years since about 2013/2014 to the present year. I've also done some helping in the previous forums, known as the DSGHQ Forums, as well as on OldCP.

I speak English and Archaic. Archaic is a medieval shakespeare language used in thy olden days.

Additional sources say I also had a good side and a bad side. I guess how it makes it worse, are probably my arrests and kicks, my total of three arrests and one kick. And also if some penguin on OldCP annoys me.

7/21/2017 - quit oldcp, sent transaction of 200,000 gold to the second vault (VAULT2)

5/25/2018 - died on dorval

Jeff: I've been arrested about three times during my knightly duties. I didn't release a user after an hour. I didn't know about that, and much of those requirements, although I did follow an exact amount. Arrested again, since I accidentally called the lord something bad ("majorhalo aint a real name", i thought this was a cool joke, but im gone there). I've also been kicked once for being a bad user. Trust me, if someone annoys me, that makes me think of being some criminal or something. I've also died twice during my knight duties. Both times by a pirate, as an imperial knight, at the bank and thrones at different times and days. As a normal user, I still encounter other stuff. random teasing, arguments, getting kicked a lot on oldcp, all these. its like I'm the last one standing as some go down.

Help: Thought to have been arrested for no reason, but user evidence has been told that there was impersonation.

Test: Innocent. No reason for arrest. However, Test was deleted for inactivity.

VAULT: shot by a soldier in an igloo. reason was for lots of gold. however, the vault was for storage, not for anything else.

Any questions? Be sure to ask me.

Jeffrey J. Jefferson

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OldCP Jeff

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